Why Me??

I’m baaaaack! I took a short hiatus while we settled into our new place, but man are we excited to be in Oakland! There’s not much I love seeing more than the freshly mowed grass, cleanly dragged infield, and most importantly, the fans at the Coliseum. My face [Eric] and I are really excited for this season, it’s going to be a good one; I can feel it in my frames.

Today I decided to touch on the one question I hear Eric get asked the most, “Why are you so handsome?” Alriiiight. “Why don’t you wear contacts?!” Helloooo people! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Let’s all take a minute to give Eric a little credit (and me a little more appreciation), and understand that he’s weighed out all of his options. I give him 20/10 vision. Beast-mode. He just doesn’t see as well with contacts as he does with me (phew!). Lasik only guarantees 20/20, he’s considered “high risk” due to astigmatism and some weird “pupils dilate larger than normal” thing, and if they screw something up? Whoosh! There goes his career!

Moral of the story? I’m awesome. Ok. Real moral of the story: I work for him, so that’s what he’s going with, and I’m not mad about it. I’m also still waiting for an Eric Sogard glasses giveaway at the ballpark. Forget bobbleheads, let’s have Hipster Day at the field!

On a side note, instead of signing autographs after tomorrow’s game, Eric will be doing fans taxes. (Just kidding, E.)



  1. John Peter Strader

    What a great blog Eric! So glad you’re seeing a lot of work at second base. Was even more excited Opening Day when you started! Remember I tweeted “Opening Day starting second baseman Eric Sogard”. You are a class act Eric and can’t wait to see you again in spring training in 2014. Unfortunately I can’t make any games at the Oakland Coliseum due to the fact that I live in Phoenix. I’ve been an A’s fan since 1971 and have had a lot of favorite Oakland A’s players in the past, but am happy to say that you have become my most current favorite Athletic. Congrats to you and your wife on your success in becoming a Major League player. Looking forward to you being on the All-Star team this year and winning a World Series ring.

  2. Callie Nicole (@Callie06)

    The very last part made me laugh because when I first saw Eric with you on his face (or was it your older brother? aren’t you new?), I said “he does not look like a baseball player. He looks like…an accountant.” I’m not sure how much my dad, an accountant, appreciated that comment. 😛

  3. Jose

    Eric, I am a big fan of yours. You’re down to earth and a really nice guy! I started following you on twitter but don’t be upset that I check to see how Reddick’s beard is doing first. Stay healthy out there and kick butt. By the way, when can I expect you to finish my taxes?

  4. Alex Jeremias

    Hey Eric…man I am so stoked with your 2nd base adventures, boy you sure know how to turn 2. AND…let us not forget your batting, you have been pretty clutch when everyone else seems to be in a “muck” Keep up the great playing and get entrenched at 2nd permanently.

  5. Quinn

    Good work Eric’s glasses! You are helping him see the ball really well at the plate. I would also like to give a shout out to Eric’s glove and shoes for allowing him to get to ground balls that a human being shouldn’t really be able to reach. Keep up the good work, inanimate objects!

  6. Stacey

    My 4 year old daughter wears glasses and she gets so excited when you are up to bat. She yells, “Sogard’s up! He wears glasses like me!!”

  7. Daniel

    Atta’ Baby ESG! Way to hang in there through all the action!

    I just wanted to say, I too wear glasses. Much like Eric, I too have wighed all the options. Your right. The Lasik procedure (although it works for many) doesn’t always give everyone the same results. As you mentioned, this can be a risky procedure. (NOT FOR ME)
    I have worn contacts, and its just more trouble than its worth! Especially durring activity! They often times shift around, or even fall out…Lame. For me personally, its just irritating having something in my eye, its sort of uncomfertable. Not to mention, having to litteraly touch your eyeball to put them in, and all the maintainance that comes with them!
    I am a tree climber for a tree service company in Norther California. I didn’t feel safe climbing without my specs as i was unable to see well. After the contact lenses, and deciding Lasik was not for me. I decided to stay with the glasses. I can really relate to you and Eric! Im proud of you guys!!!
    I did however do something you might want to run by Eric (just to keep you safe!). For bright sunny days, I went with a pair of Perscription sun-glasses…… as to keep my seeing glasses from being damaged… huh, what do you think…?
    Just looking out for you ESG!!!!!!

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